Jay Carskadden

About me? Well, I am an artist and designer. It all likely started when I broke my nose in second grade and mom brought me magic markers and paper plates to keep me busy. That’s all I needed. I just wanted to make things. I eventually found myself in art school (hoping I could actually make things for a living) and on to become a successful freelance graphic designer. About four years ago I went back to school to pursue a long curious interest in metal working. I had apprenticed with a blacksmithing friend and found it was too intense and dirty. Then I started taking classes in metalsmithing and found I really liked it — and liked its challenges. I have no idea where each project will lead and prefer it that way. I am influenced by life, and everything and every person I come across. I can be intellectual or completely oblivious, sometimes at the same time. I don’t like to say that my work is trying to say something because it might or might not, and that is for the viewer to decide. I don’t want my pieces to be perfect because nothing is perfect. Mostly I just want my work to feel good — in a world that doesn’t always feel good — and maybe resonate with one special person.