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Copper • Cast Sterling Silver • Fabricated

These are TINY boxes. The small one only measures 1″ from the bottom to the top of the little silver cast poppy seed pod. (The actual box part is too small to hold a penny.) I put little precious stones in it. The bigger box with the silver blackberry atop measures 1.5″ tall. I have to give credit to this crazy, wild and really sweet guy (Hi Josiah!) I took classes with a couple of years ago for these. He made a little box like this and I couldn’t resist making one because I LOVE ALL THINGS SMALL. Then I put little silver box-toppers on them to make them easy to get open. At the time I was determined to make one hundred of these boxes and then have a show called, “One Hundred Boxes.” But so far I only have these two. Two down, ninety-eight to go. These aren’t for sale because my friend Inda said she might want to buy them if I ever sold them. I am still on the fence about letting them go.