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Bird 1

Gouache/ink on Paper

I love Native American graphic art. I am starting a series where native art is my muse. Here is my first one. Stay tuned for more…


Spiral 2 (8″ x 6.5″)

Gouache on Paper

I like the color in these. Random and controlled at the same time. I might be headed into a “spiral” series. Not sure.


Spiral 1 (5″ x 5″)

Gouache on Paper

Spinning at a high frequency, or spinning out of control? Two totally different things but they look the same on paper. Or maybe this is a rabbit hole and it goes someplace really cool. I’m going to go with high frequency because that’s the zone I want to be in. (Although frustration inspired this painting.) And by high frequency I mean to be in a good flow. If you want to read a killer book about being “in the flow” I recommend “FLOW” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It’s a great read.

I just can’t stop painting. Sorry ferrous metals. I promise I will be back.

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