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Bottom ring $190/Top ring sold

Silver • 14K Gold • Mexican Fire Opal/Blue Sapphire • Fabricated

These rings were prototypes for an engagement ring commission. A dear friend of mine came to me to design his now wife’s engagement ring. He was planning to propose in Japan while they were on vacation and wanted a ring that somehow said “zen garden” and their love of all things Japan. We worked diligently together and eventually came to a design very similar to these. Now these rings have inspired a new ring commission I am working on. More details to come.


$90 each

Ring Sizes: Double Circle: 7.5 and 3 Dots: 7
Sterling Silver • Concrete • Fabricated

Yes, real concrete! These are fun and happy and stack nicely too. A few years ago I was lucky enough to monitor a two-day workshop with Heidi Schwegler (an Associate Professor in Metals at Oregon College of Art and Craft who is awesome! She also spoke at a conference I attended recently, is very accomplished, and is doing some crazy, bizarre work which is most definitely her M.O.) and one of the things we learned about was making concrete molds. I was so excited about the concrete I started putting it everything, including these rings! The circle diameters are about 9/16″ and the circle “cups” sit about 3/16″ tall up off the ring.



Ring Size: 7.5 • Sterling Silver • Bronze • Montana Moss Agate • Fabricated

Montana Moss Agates are one of my favorite gemstones. The black in the agate — which looks like ink suspended in air — is actually manganese oxide. They are mostly found in Montana near Yellowstone but, can be also be found in parts of Wyoming and into Saskatchewan and Manitoba Canada. The stone on this ring measures about 11 millimeters wide (1/2 inch) and about 9 millimeters tall. This is a really sweet ring and feels very “cowgirl.”

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