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Commission (Pendant: 1 13/16″ Tall x 9/16″ Diameter)

Silver, Copper, Waxed Cotton Cord, Japanese Archival Paper

I got an email a couple of months ago from a friend asking if I would be interested in making a piece of jewelry for his daughter’s 16th birthday. He had an idea in mind, maybe a locket or even a painting, that would include this “list” of things he wanted his daughter to remember about life. I was a little reluctant at first because I hadn’t been working on metal projects in a while. I decided to think about it for a couple of days, although I was moved by my friend’s sentiment for his daughter and was inspired by this “list.” Late one night a spark of an idea came to mind that I thought might be really cool. And I was really ready to get back to working with some metal. The idea was to do something like a Tibetan prayer wheel or similar container and put a scroll inside of it with this “Keys for Life” list on it. I did some sketches and met with my friend and he really liked the idea. My first go at the design was more complicated than this and had a series of 16 rivets that looked like poppies with long stems. It was fun, and I put a lot of time into it, but I decided it was too decorative and I wanted it to be more timeless and simple in design. So I started completely over from scratch and made what you see here. It has a great weight and feel to it. There is a little secret design on the inside bottom of the container that you only see when you take the scroll out. The cord is about two feet long and the piece hangs low but, can be adjusted to wear shorter. It was super fun to design and make, challenging and frustrating at times but, I loved every minute that I worked on it. Wouldn’t it be great if every 16-year-old (girl and boy) could get a list like this from someone who really loves them and wants the best for them in life?



Silver • Fabricated

This is one of a series of pendants I started working on a while back and then let sit on my workbench untouched for a rather long time. I hadn’t been very motivated in the metal department for some reason and projects have been sitting half done or barely started. Then right before the snow hit I got a phone call from a woman asking me if I could donate a piece of my jewelry for an auction that benefits a children’s school. I said “yes” and then had to decide what to send. I considered different pieces and decided to finish this one. It’s simple which I like. I find that I am not very connected to a piece until it’s time to let it go. Then all of a sudden I LOVE it and want to keep it and wear it. Well, sometimes you just have to let it go. And I tell myself I can always make another one. Maybe this will motivate me to get back to my workbench. This piece is about 2″ from the top to bottom.


not for sale

Copper • Cast Sterling Silver • Fabricated

These are TINY boxes. The small one only measures 1″ from the bottom to the top of the little silver cast poppy seed pod. (The actual box part is too small to hold a penny.) I put little precious stones in it. The bigger box with the silver blackberry atop measures 1.5″ tall. I have to give credit to this crazy, wild and really sweet guy (Hi Josiah!) I took classes with a couple of years ago for these. He made a little box like this and I couldn’t resist making one because I LOVE ALL THINGS SMALL. Then I put little silver box-toppers on them to make them easy to get open. At the time I was determined to make one hundred of these boxes and then have a show called, “One Hundred Boxes.” But so far I only have these two. Two down, ninety-eight to go. These aren’t for sale because my friend Inda said she might want to buy them if I ever sold them. I am still on the fence about letting them go.