Breaking Bad (6″ x 6″)

Gouache on Board with Gesso and a little bit of acrylic

More painting on board. I don’t know why this reminded me of that show. I could only watch a few seasons and had to stop. I think it was the acid-bathtub-dead-person scene that did me in. I was down at Shilshoe tonight to watch the sun go down (got there too late) and was approached by a borderline scary young guy that wanted to say hi to Mica. I was cool and let him pet the dog while he proceeded to tell me about being in prison and going thru rehab but he was a little drunk (and probably high) and just hanging with his friends and the cops were probably looking for him but he wasn’t doing anything wrong….. Great. Too much information dude. We’ll see ya later. As soon as I got home I started painting this.


After Class (Above 4″ X 4″)

Blue Circle (Above 6″ x 6″)

Pink Corner (Above 4″ x 4″)

All Gouache on Board with Gesso

Painting on board is very different than on paper. I need to get used to it but, I like it. Now I want to try some acrylics and oils. More later!


His and Hers (3.75″ x 4.25″)

Pink Pickles and Magenta Tears (3″ x 2.75″)

Tall Mosque (5″ x 9″)

All Gouache on Paper

I got sidetracked from my metal work and started painting again. The paintings I have been working on are color studies and the subject matter is pretty much random. Although, I am ALWAYS inspired by architecture and have done some mosque paintings (and mid-century modern houses) in the last couple of months. I make them up in my head and start drawing them out and then experiment with color and pattern and see what happens.

I also started using “gold” gouache — there is often gold in mosque buildings and domes — which is a little hard to work with. The paint has a mercurial feel to it when it’s mixed with water, like it will roll out of the tray in one perfect blob to god knows where. I’m not usually a gold person but those mosques were calling for gold. In fact, I’m not a pink person either but, lately I have been obsessed with pink, and specifically hot pink. I like it when I make a change like all of a sudden liking pink. I used to associate pink with being super girly — and now I don’t at all. Pink to me is more unisex and it’s just a great color.

I am going to experiment painting on board soon that I have coated with gesso and a primer. Stay tuned. I will post more of the paintings soon! Oh and I will get back to my metal work again soon too…

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